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What We Do

If you've ever watched a marathon, cycle race or triathlon on TV then you've probably seen us in action. We provide specially adapted motorcycles to the TV, Sport and Media industries carrying camera and photography crew right to the heart of the action, capturing the very best camera shots possible.

Here are the services we provide:

Live TV or ENG Filming

Whether it’s shooting a live event or recording the action for a later edit – we’ve got it covered.

Live RF

For RF shoots our motos are adapted with transmission masts and they produce enough power to power the PA and the camera. Highly experienced in live TV, covering major international events with RF partners worldwide.

ENG Filming

Shooting ENG? Our motos provide a safe and stable platform from which a camera operator can shoot. Each moto carries storage for batteries, stock, rain covers etc. Specialist audio kit allows the camera op to hear audio from a PTC direct to their helmet.

FotoMoto and Press

All our motos are fully equipped to meet the requirements of photographers wanting to shoot whilst in motion.

Sports FotoMoto

Need to get a photographer into the heart of sporting action? Our pilots are highly experienced and experts at ensuring the perfect position for photographers to get the perfect shot.

Press Promo

From celebrities to cars, horses to landmarks - we've a huge experience of working with private and agency photographers to get shots simply not possible any other way.

Just The Pilot or Your Entire Crew

If your shoot involves motos from another source but you require specialist riders we can supply ‘Pilot Only services’. Alternatively if you need to us to crew your entire production – we can do that to.

Just The Pilot

All our pilots are highly experienced and professional motorcyclists with a wealth of experience in media tracking. We have pilots based worldwide and can travel depending on the needs of your shoot

Your Entire Crew

We understand the moto is only part of the crew. Using our preferred network of camera operators, audio techs, drone operators, heli crew, directors and producers - we can crew your entire shoot.


Training for Camera Crew

We offer a full training package for camera operators and photographers to learn to shoot from a motorcycle. Our comprehensive training schedule consists of classroom and practical sessions. Refresher courses are also available to update moto shooting skills.

Classroom Session

Learn the basics of riding pillion on a motorcycle, correct clothing and helmet and how to work with your moto pilot whilst shooting.

Practical Sessions

Out on the road, learn how to mount and dismount safety, use the on-bike communications, shoot standing, facing forward, backward and changing camera positions.

Worldwide Service

Distance is no object! MediaMotos have provided moto crews all over the world including Europe, USA, Middle East and Far East.

International Travel

We have motorcycle teams based across the world. No matter where your shoot is we can dispatch a team of highly experienced pilots to work with you.

Crate & Freight

All our motos can be crated and shipped to any overseas locations. If rental motorcycles are to be used then we can also provide full rigging to fit that moto.

Great Ireland Run
Great Ireland Run
Tour of Alberta – Foto Moto
Tour of Alberta – Foto Moto
Garmin Sharp Mallorca Training Camp – Foto Moto
Tour de Taiwan
Tour de Taiwan
Tour de Taiwan
Tour of Britain Cycle Race – Live RF
Tour of Britain Cycle Race – Live RF
Tour of Britain Cycle Race – Live RF
Challenge Mallorca – Foto Moto
Tour de France – Foto Moto
Tour de France – Foto Moto
Tour Series – ENG
Tour Series – ENG
Tour Series – ENG
Tour Series – ENG
Tour Series – ENG
Premier Calendar – ENG
Premier Calendar – ENG
Paris Roubaix Recon – ENG
Tour of California – Foto Moto
USA Pro Challenge Colorado – Foto Moto
Tour of California – Foto Moto
Tour of Britain Cycle Race – Live RF
Tour of Britain  – ENG
Team Sky Mallorca Training Camp – ENG, Foto Moto
Challenge Mallorca – Foto Moto
Tour Series – ENG
Tour Series – ENG
Tour Series – ENG
Team Sky Mallorca Training Camp
Paris Roubaix Recon – ENG
Tour of Britain – Live RF
Ride London – ENG

Our Experience

We are proud to have worked on some of the biggest sporting events in the world. We are experts at live RF, ENG and photo tracking for cycle racing, marathons and triathlons. We are also highly experienced in providing tracking services for drama, documentary, commercials and movie productions. Here are just some of the events, companies and broadcasters we have worked with:

London Marathon
Great Run Series
Asian Games
British Cycling
British Triathlon
Cannondale Garmin
Commonwealth Games
Ironman Wales
Milan San Remo
MTN Qhubeka
Paris Roubaix
Radio 5 Live
Ride London
Sky One
Sky Sports
Team Sky
Tesco Mobile
Tour of Alberta
Tour of Britain
Tour of California
Tour of Flanders
Tour de France
Tour of The Gila
Tour Series
Tour of Utah
Trek Factory Racing
USA Pro Cycling Challenge
Velo Images
Womens Tour

Our Partners

The support of our partners and the strength of their exceptional products is key to our success. We're proudly partnered with:


Yamaha Motor UK

The Yamaha XT1200Z Supere Ténéré is our motorcycle of choice. Smooth, rugged and capable on almost any terrain, the Super Ténéré provides the perfect platform for media tracking.


Garmin Europe

All our moto fleet are equipped with Garmin Zumo 660 GPS systems. The Garmin Zumo provides us with the cutting edge technology and accuracy we need to anticipate the road ahead.


Nolan Helmets UK

There can be no compromise when it comes to the safety of our pilots and crew. Nolan helmets remain comfortable after many hours of riding in hot, wet or cold climates.


To us presentation is everything. Our motos, kit (and even our pilots!) receive the very best cleaning and maintenance from our partners at Muc-Off products.

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